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The range of Bathmate Hydro, Hydromax, Hydroxtreme and things come in a wide range of sizes and colours, allowing you to find your perfect pump.

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The manufacture never compromise when sourcing the components, all selected phthalate-free, skin-safe, medical-grade materials and packaging are made in Britain.

What is Bathmate Hydropump?

The Bathmate Hydromax is manufactured in a UK-based facility and developed by leading scientists and experts in andrologists. Basically, the Bathmate is a penis pump that uses water to create pressure. Therefore, Bathmate can not only increase penis size but also improve sexual performance.

The latest survey from the official website. 70% of respondents said an increase in size, 76% got a better erection, and 75% noted an increase in confidence. Bathmate has received valuable feedback; 92% of customers are satisfied.

Many men who use it have reported that it is beneficial. So, this device can help you gain confidence as you will notice improvements with time.

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How Bathmate Work?

Have you ever imagined how bodybuilders have amazing bodies? As we know, it’s because they train it by exercising. In this case, the basic principle of Bathmate is to increase the size of the penis in the same way as bodybuilding.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works. When the penis is in a water-filled tube, the hydro-vacuum pressure pulls the penis to erect. So, more blood will flow to the blood vessels in the penis, making the penis swell. The swelling triggers recovery and pushes the penis to adjust to avert further damage.

In other words, routine practice will increase the length and girth of the penis. Besides that, your performance will improve, not only better erections but also your confidence.

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Put simply, it’s pretty basic but it can get the job done. The Bathmate Hydro series is the most basic model and comes in just one size although you do get a choice of 3 colours.

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Looking for a real, safe way to improve your penis size and sexual performance? Trusted by over 1 million worldwide, Bathmate Hydromax means genuine gains and real satisfaction.

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Your advantage of picking Bathmate Hydroxtreme is a proven and long-lasting increase in sexual strength, Erections and better sexual stamina with a satisfaction Guarantee or a full refund.


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Bathmate hydropumps stimulate the penis, leading to the release of Nitric Oxide, which is important for Erectile Function. Nitric Oxide activates the relaxation of corporal cavernosal smooth muscle tissue resulting in increased blood flow into the penis resulting in an erection.

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Oxygenated (arterial) blood is required by the penis to prevent tissue damage and to promote smooth muscle maintenance. Oxygenated blood refers to blood exposed to oxygen in the lungs and flows directly away from your heart. Greater levels of blood oxygen increase effectiveness in repairing tissue, improve immune response, and support healthy energy levels.

Faqs 3


Using a pump is cheaper and less invasive than other ways to improve penile function. Penile Function Recovery can be achieved through a multitude of different ways ranging from tablets all the way up to surgery and implants. Pumps are more cost-effective than surgery and pills. Pumps can also improve erectile function rather than the temporary boost through medication, which must be taken prior to sexual intercourse every time.

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Bathmate pumps harness the power of water. Consistent hydraulic pressure is created surrounding the penis. An erection is induced, increasing blood circulation and allowing oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to enter the penis, promoting excellent corporal health. After pumping, the erection wanes the deoxygenated blood returns to the heart to be reoxygenated and used in general circulation.

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Users report ‘increases in overall size in terms of length and girth by their measurements.

  • 80% of HydroXtreme users reported size gains.
  • Over half of Hydromax users reported size gains.
  • 86.66% of HydroXtreme users reported better and stronger erections after using the pumps.
  • Over 70% of Hydromax users reported better and stronger erections after using the pumps
*Respondents to a survey conducted in January 2020.

Bathmate Awards Winning In The Adult Industry

fda approved

FDA Approved

A penis pump that’s made for erectile dysfunction and FDA-approved is the best way to go to avoid getting one that may not be safe or effective. Bathmate hydropump registered as a device to help overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction (a device to create or maintain penile rigidity). FDA Registration Number: 3010386378

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Skin-safe Medical Grade Materials

Aspen Clinical Research has conclusively passed The Hydro pumps as clinically confirmed safe for use in the genital area. All Bathmate products are fabricated from specially selected phthalate-free, skin-safe and medical-grade materials. You can be assured that Bathmate Hydro pumps are safe to use.

60 days guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Buy Bathmate direct from the official website And Prove the benefits. The manufacturer promised that this hydro pump would be able to make your penis bigger. If within 60 days you are not satisfied with the results you get, do not hesitate to send back the pump you have purchased and get your money back.